Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 1

Workbook for Students
Lesson 1
Nothing I see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place) means anything.

So, off to a jerky beginning but a beginning nonetheless. I have let myself go in many ways since Thanksgiving intentionally in order to experience the contrast between full on ego gluttony and mindful awakening. Having stayed up till 2am the night before celebrating, I chose to sleep in.
I awoke in time to get ready and make it to church for once though. Melissa, Griffin and I have been frequenting Wildflower Unitarian Universalist Church of South Austin since this past summer but I have been missing the services as of late due to a second job that requires me to work on weekends.  I am growing to love this church very much even though I haven't been able to attend much. I hope to find some semblance of balance that will allow me more time to give more attention to this wonderful congregation and denomination. Since my family and I are relatively new to the UU Church I want to find the time to get to know the theology and history of this wonderfully inclusive denomination.
The rest of the day was hectic trying to tie up loose Xmas gift ends. Being already tired from the night before, then having sat through a tearful service led to high anxiety and crankiness later in the day but I found time for a warm bath where I read through the first chapter of the Course in Miracles Text, the Intro to The Manual for Teachers, and the First Lesson.  I'm up for five minutes of meditation before bed and I'm setting my clock for 6:30am.

Where's Waldo? 
Well, back in the 1300's he could be found hiding out in the hollow of a cypress tree. It's said that he prayed and fasted in this tree for 20 years.
Look again, oh there he is.

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