Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 7

Workbook for Students 
Lesson 7
I see only the past.

Weird synchronicity lately.   First, it's The Feast of Epiphany where God is made manifest. Then, A Course in Miracles makes known to me that  "Nothing real can be threatened; nothing unreal exists; the world of time is the world of illusion; I am upset because I see something that is not there; and I see only the past."   Then, I meet my doppelganger/twin at work (a substitute teacher named Daniel that looked incredibly like me, even in height and build. Only difference was that he walked with a cane).   Then, I take the ninety-five year old man I sit with on Saturdays to the barbershop that he has been going to for forty years.  Old style barbershops always make me think of my boyhood. They are one of those places that exude nostalgia .

For him I sing,
I raise the present on the past,
(as some perennial tree out of it's roots, the present on the past,)
With time and space I him dilate and fuse the immortal laws,
To make himself by them the immortal law unto himself
Walt Whitman

I myself,
the world around me,
this entire universe (inside, outside),
is an old barbershop
full of nostalgia

Blessed Angela of Foligno
Born into wealth and class then at age forty felt remorse for her life up until that point and sought penance.
Shortly after her conversion, her husband and children died. Selling most of her possessions, she entered the Secular Franciscan Order. She was alternately absorbed by meditating on the crucified Christ and by serving the poor of Foligno as a nurse and beggar for their needs. Other women joined her in a religious community.

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