Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5

Workbook for Students
Lesson 5
I am never upset for the reason I think.

First day of kids being back at school.  Awoke at 5am stretched and exercised, then sat for thirty minutes, then read from Leaves of Grass, The Second Coming of Christ, and A Course in Miracles.  Today I did some "shadow work."  Griffin and his cousins seemingly drove the adults batty over the holiday break, so I took ownership of this feeling of annoyance and projection of frenetic unconscious activity.  Funny, because the Course Lesson today is "I'm am not annoyed/anxious/worried/angry, etc.. about ______ for the reason I think or feel I'm annoyed, etc...

St. John Neumann
“All people of whatever race, condition or age, in virtue of their dignity as human persons, have an inalienable right to education. This education should be suitable to the particular destiny of the individuals, adapted to their ability, sex and national cultural traditions, and should be conducive to amicable relations with other nations in order to promote true unity and peace in the world. True education aims to give people a formation which is directed towards their final end and the good of that society to which they belong and in which, as adults, they will have their share of duties to perform” (Declaration on Christian Education, 1, Austin Flannery translation).

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