Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lama Surya Das' advice on "simplicity"

On the spiritual path, simplicity can be addressed on three different levels:

1) Outer - We simplify our lives by loosening our grip on the multiple layers and configurations of people, plans, expectations, and and objects in our lives. We opt for more spiritual choices, letting go of bad habits and dissatisfying behavior.
2) Inner - We simplify our lives by simplifying our minds. This is best done through self-inquiry and meditation practice.
3) Innate - When we have seen through all the layers and veils, we are left with ground luminosity. Innate Buddha-nature. Just Being--Authentic Presence.

Nothing more to figure out, understand, or achieve. We have arrived. It's all so simple.

from a well known song in the Mahamudra lineage he quotes: "Renunciation is the feet of meditation practice; mindfulness and awareness is the heart; faith and devotion is the head. May we realize these spiritual qualities and progress on the path."
He goes on to say that, "renunciation is likened to the feet because treading the spiritual path helps the seeker walk away from worldly value; awareness and mindfulness are at the center, the very heart of practice; faith and devotion are likened to the head because the head includes the eyes, which represent the vision to keep looking deeper."

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