Sunday, December 18, 2011

Balance and Gentleness Towards Self

OK, so a few friends have expressed a need for balance and gentleness toward myself.  I'm not doing this to beat myself up or out of a sense or need to become an ascetic and wear a hair-shirt, etc. I'm doing this with a sense of playfulness as well as discipline. I've already begun thinking about how to build in ease and balance.  For instance, I'm thinking that within the first month or so before Lent I'll limit alcohol consumption to weekends and/or nights out (never at home). Coffee will be out of the question, but tea and green tea will be "A -OK."  Vegan eating will be the norm but with great berth of faire. Monday through Friday, I'll stick to the meditation/prayer routine and let myself slide on the weekends.  Week one I'll ride my bike to work one day during the week.  Week two, I'll ride two days during the week then week three, I'll ride three days during the week and stick to two to three days there after.  Online porn is outta the question and I'm thinking cold showers and hot baths, meditation and/or real sex with the wife will have to replace these occasional urges. During Lent I'll get really serious and restrict myself but I'm thinking this will be easier because I'll have acclimatized myself to the waters, so to speak. More on this later...  

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