Friday, April 27, 2012

Blah, Blah, Blah

Well, as you can see, I've fallen off the wagon, when it comes to this blog and my religious/spiritual practice, since Lent. Maybe, I went too fast and hard up and now must return fast and hard to the earth.  I surely feel rather blah - hate my job, hate the fact that I have little or no money (live paycheck to paycheck) and feel I have very little if no other options to do otherwise.
Whooo Hoooo!!!!
On top of all this, I am completely losing faith in the religion that I have been culturally and historically rooted in.    Easter did me in this year.  The whole issue of Crucifixion/Sacrifice = Atonement seems like a Barbaric and Simple answer to The Problem of Evil and Suffering in the world.  In point of fact, The Crucifixion takes an evil act full of suffering and tries to make "IT" The World's Answer to Evil and Suffering; how ironic. I've scoured the internet and read some (Xtian, both progressive and regressive) books on this and yet they all seem to dance around the subject. Any takers???  I'm ALL ears???
I have always been an open book and brutally honest, so forgive me for being such a downer but this is just where I am at right now.

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