Monday, March 19, 2012

The Least of These Global Eucharist

Individuals sit in a circle and the person leading breaks the bread and says,

“This is our body broken by sickness, old age and death.”
“Take eat of one-an-other’s brokenness at the welcome table of Peace and Justice.”
The bread is now passed around the circle and each person breaks a piece off and eats.
Group says, “Christ is perpetually dying.” 

Person leading raises the cup of wine, water, or grape juice and says,

“This is the Water of Life flowing through our bodies and spilled out upon the Earth.”
“Drink this that you may experience life more abundantly.”
Each person drinks from the cup and passes it along.
Group says, “Christ is ever-presently co-arising.”

Person leading stands, raises his or her hands, takes a deep breath and says, “This is the Spirit of Life which sustains our minds, bodies, plants and animals.”
Group stands and raises held hands taking a deep breath.
Group says, “Christ is here now within our hearts and minds.”

“Blessed Be and Peace Be Upon the Least of These,
for We are ALL the Least of These.”

Sit in Silence
for a few minutes
then group leader says,

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