Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Easter Bunny and The Creation of Life on Earth

Friend of mine sent me a post from this guy's blog:  TENNESSEE: Senate Passes Bill Allowing The Teaching Of Creationism.  If you choose to read it, also read the comments, then my comment below will make sense.

 The Easter Bunny is an important myth and ritual for many children AND adults in our culture. For children The Bunny is not so much a myth as a dogmatic truth - (For instance- Griff [my 9yr old son] has been saying of late, that he wants to be a cryptozoologist when he grows up.  He's totally into the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series at present and is entertaining whether or not the Greek Gods and Monsters, as well as many other Monsters, such as the Loche Ness, are true or fiction.  Then there's my mother-in-law, who argues with her mother [who has dementia], saying, "NO, WE'RE NOT IN GEORGIA NOW, MOTHER!!!"  when their clearly in Arkansas. I say, why bother?  Let them have their fun).

Of course, the problem comes along when certain adults who could and should "Grow Up" and realize the difference between a Myth/Story (that can and should be ritualized for cultural tradition and religious reasons, if your into that)  and Empirical Truth.  These Adult/Children then try and cram the idea that the Easter Bunny is a real bunny, who lays eggs, down everybody else's throats and/or they bomb a bus load of individuals for not believing in the Big Eared One who hops into our lives and homes once a year distributing shit that rots your teeth.

Just Say'n,
But That's Just Me,
Peace and Love,

The Buddhists say that, "if you meet the Buddha on the road you should kill him." Might I be so bold as to present a Xtian Koan for you all, "if you meet J.C. on the road to Damascus, should you go ahead an crucify Him then and there and be done with it or???"

 BTW, for what it's worth, I believe if you do decide to crucify Him on your road to Damascus, He will just be resurrected in some new and different cultural format/matrix somewhere along the line, so why bother?
Why Bother? Maybe He needs to be resurrected in some new and different cultural format/matrix. Who Knows???

If your interested you should check out: The Death of the Mythic God

 Fancy this... Archetypes transcend time ad space therefore they are "more" real than things of an empirical nature, which are "much more" transitory in nature. Just a thought.

A good friend with whom I'm carrying on this same conversation via email asked the great question , "How can something mythic die?"

 I responded with: According to the Law of Conservation, nothing ever really dies, it just gets recycled. Of course, by that same token, no-thing ever really exists in and of itself apart from everything else. If you or I were to try and pin down a separate self we couldn't do it. Am I my name Daniel Butler? Am I my body? Am I my emotions, thoughts, feelings, desires, needs? All these aspects are just pieces (that are constantly changing and moving around) of a greater whole, which is part of a greater whole, which is a part of a greater whole....

So, just who and what the hell am I, really? I AM the Ever Present Witness - Conscious Awareness, always at the cutting edge of potential Evolutionary Growth and Development. As Energy, Mass and Conscious Creativity, I Am consistently being Recycled, Reconstituted, Reincarnated, Remade, etc I am Everything and Nothing. I and the Father/Mother are ONE. I AM no less than God incarnate, The Christ, The Buddha, Krishna!!! Hey, but guess what? So are You!!! So are We!!! So are Us!!!! - ALL !!!!

All For One and One For All
We are all just Punk Ass Chumpiness
on the Great Conveyor Belt/Roller Coaster of Life,

Peace and Love,

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