Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 35

Don't you know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit lives in you?
1 Corinthians 3:16


The Oneness Prayer
A Prayer for Healing My Relationship with ____________ .
There is only One Life! This Life is Good! This Life is God! This Life is my Life now!

In knowing that I am "one" with the Life that is God ...I, therefore, know that I am "one" with each and every expression of that divine and sacred Life, which includes beloved _______________.
Because I know that the One Life of God cannot be against Itself 
...I, therefore know that I cannot be against _____________, 
nor can ____________be against me.
Together, in the perfect Wholeness of the One Life that is God, ________________and I can only be for a fuller and greater expression of our own true nature, which is Love. ...And out of the self-giving nature of that Love, there can only be Harmonious Interaction, perfect Peace and Freedom for us both.
I give thanks for the presence of ________________in my life. For by this presence I have been shown a part of myself that I have yet to Love, a part of myself which I now invite into the Wholeness of my Being, which is Christ.
And it is in this Awareness of Oneness that I give thanks to the Glory of God for the healing power and presence of Love in my life.
I am Grateful God is Gracious.


Lesson 35
My mind is part of God's. I am very holy.

A suitable unselected list for applying the idea for today might be as follows:

I see myself as imposed on. 
I see myself as depressed. 
I see myself as failing. 
I see myself as endangered. 
I see myself as helpless. 
I see myself as victorious. 
I see myself as losing out. 
I see myself as charitable. 
I see myself as virtuous.

You should not think of these terms in an abstract way. They will occur to you as various situations, personalities and events in which you figure cross your mind. Pick up any specific situation that occurs to you, identify the descriptive term or terms you feel are applicable to your reactions to that situation, and use them in applying today's idea. After you have named each one, add:

But my mind is part of God's. I am very holy.

Think on This...

For this entity should comprehend and know, and never forget, that life and its experiences are only what one puts into same! And unless the activities, the thoughts are continuously constructive, and the experience well-balanced, the entity cannot, will not fulfill the purpose for which it came into the present experience.
Reading 1537-1

Jesus Christ
Taken from Wikipedia

Jesus of Nazareth ( /ˈdʒiːzəs/; 7–2 BC/BCE to 30–36 AD/CE), commonly referred to as Jesus Christ or simply as Jesus or Christ, is the central figure of Christianity and regarded as an important prophet of God in Islam. Most Christian denominations venerate him as God the Son incarnated and believe that he rose from the dead after being crucified. The principal sources of information regarding Jesus are the Bible's four canonical gospels, which most biblical scholars find useful for reconstructing Jesus' life and teachings.Scholars have correlated the New Testament accounts with non-Christian historical records to arrive at an estimated chronology for the major episodes in the life of Jesus.
Most critical historians agree that Jesus was a Galilean Jewish Rabbi who was regarded as a teacher and healer in Judaea, that he was baptized by John the Baptist, and that he was crucified in Jerusalem on the orders of the Roman Prefect, Pontius Pilate, on the charge of sedition against the Roman Empire.Critical Biblical scholars and historians have offered competing descriptions of Jesus as a self-described Messiah, as the leader of an apocalyptic movement, as an itinerant sage, as a charismatic healer, and as the founder of an independent religious movement. Most contemporary scholars of the historical Jesus consider him to have been an independent, charismatic founder of a Jewish restoration movement, anticipating a future apocalypse.Other prominent scholars, however, contend that Jesus' "Kingdom of God" meant radical personal and social transformation instead of a future apocalypse.
Christians traditionally believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, performed miracles, founded the Church, died sacrificially to achieve atonement, rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven, from which he will return.The majority of Christians worship Jesus as the incarnation of God the Son, and the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.A few Christian groups, however, reject Trinitarianism, wholly or partly, believing it to be non-scriptural.Most Christian scholars today present Jesus as the awaited Messiah promised in the Old Testament and as God, arguing that he fulfilled many Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament.
Judaism rejects the belief that Jesus was the awaited Messiah, arguing that he did not fulfill the Messianic prophecies in the Tanakh. In Islam, Jesus (in Arabic: عيسى‎ in Islamic usage, commonly transliterated as Isa) is considered one of God's important prophets, a bringer of scripture, and the product of a virgin birth, but not the victim of crucifixion. Islam and the Bahá'í Faith use the title "Messiah" for Jesus, but do not teach that he was God incarnate.

See the Christ within you and within everyone you come in contact with today.

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