Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 60


 Come with me
To the palace of Nowhere
Where all the many things are One.
Master Tung Kwo

It matters not to me what I do, or what I suffer, so long as I abide lovingly united to God's will—that is my whole business.
Brother Lawerence


Lesson 60
These ideas are for today's review:
(46) God is the Love in which I forgive.
God does not forgive because He has never condemned. The blameless cannot blame, and those who have accepted their innocence see nothing to forgive. Yet forgiveness is the means by which I will recognize my innocence. It is the reflection of God's Love on earth. It will bring me near enough to Heaven that the Love of God can reach down to me and raise me up to Him.
(47) God is the strength in which I trust.
It is not my own strength through which I forgive. It is through the strength of God in me, which I am remembering as I forgive. As I begin to see, I recognize His reflection on earth. I forgive all things because I feel the stirring of His strength in me. And I begin to remember the Love I chose to forget, but which has not forgotten me.
(48) There is nothing to fear.
How safe the world will look to me when I can see it! It will not look anything like what I imagine I see now. Everyone and everything I see will lean toward me to bless me. I will recognize in everyone my dearest Friend. What could there be to fear in a world that I have forgiven, and that has forgiven me?
(49) God's Voice speaks to me all through the day.
There is not a moment in which God's Voice ceases to call on my forgiveness to save me. There is not a moment in which His Voice fails to direct my thoughts, guide my actions and lead my feet. I am walking steadily on toward truth. There is nowhere else I can go, because God's Voice is the only Voice and the only Guide that has been given to His Son.
(50) I am sustained by the Love of God.
As I listen to God's Voice, I am sustained by His Love. As I open my eyes, His Love lights up the world for me to see. As I forgive, His Love reminds me that His Son is sinless. And as I look upon the w

Think on This...

"When those are used that make for envyings or strife, or that any would lord himself over his fellow man, or that the advantage would be taken of those that are weak...these must bring doubt, fear, consternation in the experience of the mental bodies of those that do such - and disease, disruption, disorders of every nature in the physical bodies of such.
Reading 531-1

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