Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shadow Work

There’s a need for relaxation, a letting go, a sinking in, a cutting of the strings of tension.  There’s a quench of thirst, a fizzy bubbling sensation, a drive to experience new and different subtleties of flavor and distinction of taste.  The darker chocolaty, with coffee note I like.  But, I particularly love Belgium ales and trippels.  the floral yeastiness is lovely. Nine percent alcohol is also nice.  Having a nice buzz relaxes me, allows me to release tension, cut the ties that bind, loosen up. The incessant tightness in my neck  and shoulders seems to let up, loosen up and let go.

Hey, beer love/thirst who are you and what do you want from me?  Why do I love you so, Oh Belgium trippel?  What’s the feeling beneath all this?  Oh, we go way back don’t we?

Acculturated Pressures
Social Glue
The Fizziness

Again, the ease of letting go, relaxation, dropping down... Music it does the same for you and also exercise.  So, get outside and commune with the earth and trees.

I am this taste, this floral fruitiness, this jocular looseness, this brown bubbly, thirsty wetness, this dark dense earthy fecund yeasty relaxed awareness.  I am Dionysus, Peter Pan, Goat God of Frivolity and Joy. I play a flute, dance, jump, climb, hike, rattle and hum for god’s sake... Enjoy Yourself.

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